All the new NPCs returning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons this November

Today, October 15th, 2021, Nintendo dropped the biggest Animal Crossing Direct to showcase all the things in their final major free update (as well as get into their first awesome-looking paid DLC). From new interior design options to new islands to even farming, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is going to be getting a LOT of new life. But one thing that was unexpected is that not only did they bring back fan-favorite Brewster, but a LOT of NPCs are also getting love in this.

So who’s coming back? Let’s take a look.


This one is the big one. People have been asking for the return of Brewster since the game came out and people slowly went through the seven stages of realization that Brewster wasn’t in the game.

Now he’s back and he’s brought The Roost, his coffee shop, with him. Located in the museum, The Roost gives you a place to let your character sit, drink coffee, and slowly grow up a rapport with the famous but elusive barista.

You’ll also be able to encounter other Animal Crossing characters in a more casual setting where you’ll be able to talk to them, invite them to a booth and learn more about them. You can even use Amiibo cards to invite specific characters over to have coffee with.

Multi-player options are also available to allow you and your friends to hang out and have coffee together.


One of two returning turtles, Kapp’n returns to hang out on your dock with his boat waiting to take you to an island.

And, much to my delight, he’s also returning with sea shanties which has honestly become one of my favorite melodies in gaming history.

He’ll be taking you to no islands that include all sorts of new flora never before seen on the island including vines you can actually climb like a ladder. Who knows what other secrets will be held on these islands.


Harv’s poodle buddy will be making a return on Harv’s island.

She’s be introducing you to the new half of Harv’s island where you can set up booths for some of your favorite Animal Crossing NPCs, many that are featured on this list.

She’ll also have her own booth where she’ll teach you new haircuts that haven’t been in the game yet.


As part of the Paid DLC “Happy Home Paradise”, this leader of the Happy Home Academy will grant you a job as a vacation home decorator for clients allowing you to earn money and get new furniture.

Reese and Cyrus

The couple returns to the game fresh from their wedding to bring their Re:Tail business back.

They’ll be able to customize all sorts of items that you normally couldn’t. Specifically, those items that are specific to your account like giant lizards, playground equipment and lighthouses. Finally, you can get the one you’re looking for without having to beg people on Twitter.


The other of the two turtles return!

This one was a weird one because honestly, I thought the dude was dead. But apparently, he is not though, even for a turtle, he’s looking old.

From what little they showed of him in the trailer he’s able to access your storage for you meaning you don’t have to fill your inventory with stuff you want Re:Tail to customize for you.


Another fan favorite returns!

Katrina is returning with her fortune-telling business.

Getting your daily fortune read by her means that you’ll have some sort of weird buff or debuff for the day. Maybe you’ll find yourself finding bells in every rock you encounter. Maybe your character will find themselves tripping more than the proverbial boo.

There were also clips of preexisting characters having booths on the island like Redd and Kicks. No word yet on the other missing characters, including my personal favorite, former psychologist turned failed comedian, Shrunk the axolotl. But here’s hoping since they’re introducing many new reactions to the game as well and he was the go-to for them in the previous game.