Metroid Dread: How to beat the Final Boss

I guess it goes without saying that, as this is a guide on beating the final boss of the very well-received Metroid Dread, that there’s gonna be spoilers. But 2021 is a weird year so just in case…

* * * SPOILER ALERT * * *

Now that we got the kids out of the room, let’s get into this.

If you’re reading this you’ve gotten to the last boss of Metroid Dread and it’s exactly who you knew it was going to be the entire time. Probably. But you’ve also probably come to find out that this thing is a bullet sponge. This is like a sponge if every opening was a black hole-type bullet sponge. So how do you make a dent? Firstly, patience.

The biggest thing you need to remember when fighting is that Raven Beak broadcasts everything he’s about to do, you just need to learn what to look for.

Stage 1

So, RB’s first mode of attack is pretty simple. Here’s a list of his attacks and how to counter them.

  • Black Hole – When he raises his hand and creates a small black hole, get across the stage and hit it with four missiles. Added bonus, destroying it gets you health!
  • Energy Wave – Usually after the Black Hole is destroyed, if Raven’s on the other side of the screen he’ll throw his hand in the air and then fill the immediate area with energy like he just don’t care. When he starts to do this run in close.
  • 3-Hit Combo – More often than not, once the energy wave is done, Raven will do a lunging attack. For best results jump and flash boost over him. This’ll usually result in Raven stopping after one hit. If you try to run away from him he’ll turn the attack into a 3-hit combo who’s last attack covers a really wide range and, if you’re in front of him, will absolutely get hit by it.
  • Lunging Charge – Sometimes you’ll see Raven pull his hand back and charge it with energy, that’s your moment to immediately jump and flash boost in his direction. His attack sends him instantly across the stage towards you and if you’re caught in it you’ll find yourself impaled to the wall for a moment with a big chunk of your health gone.
  • Full Screen Pulse – Once you’ve shot him enough times he’ll ready an attack in which almost the entire area turns pink. Duck. This move fills the screen with a massive blast that hits anything not flat on the ground. As a bonus, if you dodge it, you’ll trigger a quick time event that, if you counter correctly and do enough damage during the event (keep firing during it), you will move you to stage 2.

Stage 2

  • Honestly, beyond going from purple to gold, he’s got the same attacks as before, except once you hit him enough he’ll do a cocky beckoning motion. That’s so Raven (Beak). When this happens get to him as fast as you can and hit him with a melee to trigger another quick-time event. Counter and get enough damage in and you may move on to Stage 3. If not the next one should do it. You can see the beckoning move at the end of the video above.

Stage 3

  • Now he’s getting tricky. A pair of black wings grow out of his back and he spends the majority of the next bit in the sky. Now his moves are going to change dramatically.
  • Machine Gun – When Raven stays stationary but starts aiming at you, it’s bullet hell time. While it seems like this is the time to get far away the best trick is to actually get in close and use your Space Jump to go around him in slow circles. Usually, two or three trips around big bird and he’ll stop.
  • Charge Blast – This one took me a while to stop getting hit with. Remember how I said if he stays stationary and aims at you he’s gonna start the machine gun? Well if his GUN stays stationary and HE moves, he’s about to do the Charge Blast. Luckily, he can’t turn around so get behind him. Once he’s firing it’s also an awesome time to just fire as many shots as you can at his raven rump.
  • Flying Swoop – If Raven gets on the same level as you, you might see him pull back a little. Go flat cause he’s about to woosh across the screen at you. You can slide if you’re timing is good but I found comfort in just rolling into a ball.
  • Verticle Spike – Likewise, if he gets directly above you, chances are he’s about to spike straight down. Your best move is to flash boost to the side. This’ll give you enough speed and space to turn around and lay down some fire on him while he picks himself back up.

Stage 4

  • Stage four had me kinda worried because after you beat his flying mode he straight up pulls a Final Fantasy nod to the famous “One-Winged-Angel” moment before deciding that’s not his jam and goes back to most of the moves from Stages 1 and 2 with a few new moves.
  • Red Charge – This one is pretty much the Lunging Charge from before but it’s important to remember the color.
  • Blue Charge – And here’s why. If he’s charging blue it’s a two-part charge. Once to the side and then immediately verticle so if you hop over him, make sure to flash boost.
  • Pocket Sun – This one was his most intimidating new move until I realized how easily you can use it to your advantage. Raven charges up a small sun that flies to the top middle of the room. From there, while you’re fighting Raven, it first solar flares around the stage giving you more to worry about. Luckily, when you see him doing this, drop a screen-clearing Power Bomb. Not only does it make that little sun disappear instantly but it also gives you a bunch of health.
  • Eventually, this will lead into one last quick-time event but get it done correctly and enjoy the long cut scene that occurs before that other thing that occurs in every Metroid game ever after you beat a final boss. Lace ’em up, cowgirl.

Follow these steps and you’ll have Raven Beak counting his feathers in no time. Once you beat the game let me know your time.


Were you able to beat my time? If you did, why you lying bro?