Marvel Future Revolution: 10 characters we want added to the game

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We are well into the launch of Marvel Future Revolution and there hasn’t been any new characters added. With Magik eventually coming to the game, here are the top 10 characters we want to see added to the Marvel Future Revolution.


Wolverine should be one of the top additions to Marvel Future Revolution. I’m picturing lots of health chunking big attacks, bleed effects, and health regeneration. A kit that includes these would give nice options to play more as a tank or as a dps. And the costume options would be freakin awesome. I’d give lots of cash for an Old Man Logan costume.


The cajun, bo staff wielding, kinetic card throwing X-Men character is usually a fan favorite when he’s added to a game. I think the mobility he would add could make for some good Spider-Man-like dodge mechanics. I also think Gambit would offer a nice combination of sustained damage with his melee attacks and more chunky damage with his ranged kinetic abilities. It’d be a playstyle that rewards jumping in and out of melee range.


I may be a little biased because Cyclops is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and yet he’s been drastically underrepresented outside of the comics. The best being the 90’s Saturday morning X-Men cartoon, though I think James Marsden was an excellent Cyclops (they just did his character wrong). The leader of the X-Men could be a ranged single-target dps character with a lot of abilities that buff his team. Really play into his leadership with abilities than can buff offense, defense and maybe give some counter to crowd control. He also has some really cool costumes in the comics that would be awesome to see in-game.

Jean Grey

Okay, so this is a Marvel Future Revolution list that starts off with four X-Men characters, but I think the X-Men have kind of been side characters since the Avengers popularity soared with the MCU. Jean Grey is too powerful of a mutant/hero and too important of a character to not be in this game. I already know that her ultimate can turn her into Phoenix. The rest of her kit can be a bunch of ranged support and control abilities.


I know that Loki is a villain in Marvel Future Revolution, but if there’s anything the MCU and the Loki Disney+ series has taught is, it’s that Loki is a layered, nuanced character, a flawed person, and can play the hero role. So who’s to say a variant Loki wouldn’t be a great hero in Marvel Future Revolution? With a ton of magic and dagger abilities, make him a powerful summoner that can have his summoned illusions do a bunch of the fighting for him.