Clash of Clans Autumn 2021 update: Super Bowler revealed

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The Clash of Clans Autumn (Fall) 2021 update is right around the corner and this past week Supercell has been revealing new features, troops and building levels, and quality of life improvements. This is actually a pretty small update, especially following the Summer update, with probably the biggest “feature” being a new Super Troop.

The Super Bowler is on the way and although he takes up greater Housing Space and costs more to train, he’s got higher stats and the “Triple Strike” special ability. This allows the boulders to bounce to a third target and do extra splash damage.

Compared to the regular Bowler, the Super Bowler does nearly twice the damage per second (200 versus 102 at Level 6). The hitpoints are four times the amount (2000 versus 500 at Level 6). This extra health allows the Super Bowlers to withstand more attacks and actually even be healed up.

The biggest disadvantage, however, is the housing space. The Super Bowler requires a whopping 30 housing space, or five times the amount of the regular Bowler. The Super Bowler can be unlocked at Town Hall 12, requiring a Level 4 Bowler.

The mechanics for the Super Bowler are actually the same as the regular Bowler except he’s got a third bounce, meaning you can reach more targets that are further away.

The Super Bowler seems like a great troop to roll through enemy defenses. But one of the important things you’ll want to take into account when attacking with the Super Bowler are the placement of buildings and their hitpoints. If the initial target goes down, the Super Bowler could possibly reposition, and you may not be able to take down the building behind that initial target.

Another strategic element you’ll want to take note of is the bounce pattern and the size of potential targets. For larger buildings, it’s possible that the boulder could strike it twice on the second and third bounce, resulting in even more damage.

And remember, the splash damage at the end means you could reach buildings that may appear even further away. So even though the bounce itself doesn’t reach a building, the splash damage may still hit it.

Here are the stats for the new Super Bowler:

Level 4:

  • TH 12
  • DPS: 170
  • HP: 1600
  • Training Cost: 700 DE
  • Housing Space 30

Level 5:

  • TH 13
  • DPS: 185
  • HP: 1800
  • Training Cost: 875 DE
  • Housing Space 30

Level 6:

  • TH 14
  • DPS: 200
  • HP: 2000
  • Training Cost: 1000 DE
  • Housing Space 30

What do you think of the new Super Bowler troop? Do you think you will use it in attacks or is the 30 housing space too much?