Overwatch 2: Sombra rework sacrifices CC for insane damage

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With all of the changes coming to Overwatch 2, Sombra is another Hero getting reworked for the upcoming sequel. The gist of her rework can be boiled down to less CC and more damage.

Sombra will still have her Hack ability and the cooldown has been significantly reduced to just three seconds. Her hack now also lasts for eight seconds, but has been split into two components.

The first component works as it currently does in Overwatch, disabling abilities. However, the length for the disable has been greatly reduced to just one second. The second component of the Hack adds a new effect that reveals the hacked target location to Sombra and her team through walls, and this lasts the duration of the hack.

Here’s where the real damage increase comes into play. Hacked targets will now take 50% more damage from Sombra. So in theory, you could hack more enemy Heroes with the reduced cooldown and be able to inflict some serious damage on the entire team. It’s less about the crowd control and more about the overall damage output.

Additionally, her Ultimate ability no longer removes all shields. Instead, it just deals damage to enemies up to 40% of their current health. Combined with her new passive, she’s got insane finishing potential.

Giving Sombra an even greater advantage, you’ll now be able to get the jump on enemy Heroes as you will be able to Hack while in Stealth mode. Although you are briefly revealed when Hacking, it no longer completely removes your Stealth.

Fans seem to be mixed on the changes being made to Sombra, mostly because the removal of her CC makes her just like other DPS in the game. The CC is kind of what set her apart.

At the same time, being able to hack basically every two to three seconds means, especially while stealthed, means a skilled Sombra player could effectively render an enemy team’s abilities useless. Rather than impacting one single Hero for a longer period, Sombra will be able to inflict more damage on the entire team. I’d say that’s a good tradeoff. Plus that 40% Ultimate damage is just insane.

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What do you think of the changes to Sombra in Overwatch 2? Are you a fan of the bigger focus on damage?