Overwatch 2: What’s changing with the Bastion rework

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Bastion is getting a big rework in Overwatch 2 and during the Overwatch League Grand Finals, Blizzard finally lifted the curtain on the new and improved hero. Strap yourselves in because I think you’re going to like what you hear.

Like many other champions from Overwatch, Bastion will be getting a facelift in the upcoming sequel. His appearance has been updated and modernized with the user of sleeker and more modern. materials. He’s also got a new hat to give him a bit of character. The standard hat is actually pretty lame, but I’m sure this small addition has a ton of potential in terms of future skins.

As for his abilities, Bastion will no longer have his Self-Repair. In place of that ability is a new one that’s bound to alternate fire. It fires a projectile that can bounce off of walls and stick to players, dealing a ton of a damage to nearby enemies.

His Recon form weapon has also dramatically changed. It no longer has any spread, but its fire rate has been reduced to compensate for the tighter shots. With this change, Bastion should feel more like a pseudo-sniper, capable of poking at longer ranges, which is actually what his Recon form was always meant to be.

For his Ultimate, Bastion will still transform but it will no longer be into Tank mode. Now Bastion will transform into a new Artillery mode. When transforming into this stationary mode, you get a top-down view of the entire map. You can then call down an artillery strike anywhere on the map within the ability’s time limit. This global Ultimate can be a game changer as it will allow Bastion to impact fighters no matter where he is on the battlefield. This is a tremendous support capability.

But perhaps the greatest change, that I’m sure all Bastion players are going to love to hear. Bastion in Sentry form will be able to move, albeit at a reduced speed. In order to allow this ability to remain strong, Blizzard is attaching a cooldown to it so that you can’t use it all the time.

With the changes to Overwatch 2’s team size, reducing it from 6v6 to 5v5, the more mobile Bastion is a welcomed change. I love the change to his Ultimate, as a global ability means the other team will really have to plan carefully for when to engage. Whether or not Bastion has his ultimate will always have to be in the back of your mind.