Deathloop: How to unlock every story ending

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Deathloop is a game that offers multiple ways to accomplish your goal of eliminating the Visionaries and ending the loop. Regardless of your approach, it all leads to the same final sequence. But it’s what you do during this final moment that will ultimately determine the ending you get.

Deathloop has three possible endings. Before we get to them, let first warn you that there are, obviously, spoilers below.

Now that you’ve been warned, let’s talk about each of the three endings in Deathloop and how to unlock them. As I mentioned, the ending you get is simply based on this final sequence — a conversation with Julianna — that you reach once you eliminate all of the Visionaries.

The good news is that regardless of which ending you get, you’re still able to play the game after the credits roll so you can replay the final loop with all of your progress and gear to unlock the other endings.

The Setup: Talking with Julianna

In the final sequence with Julianna, she’ll explain how she always wakes up first. So if you end the loop, you’ll wake up with her aiming a gun right at you — possibly killing you for real. But “Dying for real beats living like this,” Colt proclaims, seemingly ready to accept the possibility that he’d actually die for good if he breaks the loop.

After a bit of back-and-forth conversation, Julianna offers for you to take the pistol and make a decision: Kill her and break the loop, or don’t and experience “Amazing things. Other worlds. Other times.”

She’ll give you to the count of three to make a decision. What you decide will determine the ending you get.

Ending #1: Break the Loop

I suppose this is considered the “good” ending since you accomplish your goal of breaking the loop — which is, after all, the main purpose of the game.

To get this ending, all you have to do is fire the gun and kill Julianna at any time. Just make sure you do it before she counts to three because then you’ll have missed your opportunity for this ending.

After shooting and killing Julianna, the eighth Visionary, there’s still one more left to kill. The ninth and final Visionary is you, Colt. You’ll see multiple messages that encourage you to jump to your death.

Jump off the platform. You’ll wake up in the morning with Julianna pointing a gun at you. She lowers it and simply walks away. The loop is seemingly broken, and the game ends there. We don’t really know what happens next with Colt.

Ending #2: Remain in the Loop

This unlock this ending, shoot Julianna, but this time do not jump off the platform. After standing there for a while, you’ll get sucked back into the loop. The day will start again with the loop unbroken, so you’ll have to kill all the Visionaries again.

Ending #3: Remain in the Loop with Julianna

Although breaking the loop is probably considered the “real” or “good” ending, this one is probably my favorite. To get this ending, don’t shoot Julianna. She will count to three and you both will be sucked back into the loop.

You’ll wake up on the beach, once again, with the loop unbroken. You’ll see Julianna on the cliff and the screen will cut to black.

I know you don’t actually break the loop in this ending, but, in my opinion, this ending sequence is the best. You get a happily ever after between Colt and his daughter as the two discuss plans for the evening. Colt is seemingly excited to live out the loop with his daughter and do whatever they want; party, keg stand, “drop Aleksis in the meat grinder.” The two seem happy in the loop.

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Mid-credits sequence

This is the only ending with a mid-credits sequence. We get treated to more dialogue between Colt and Julianna as the two discuss calling him “dad.” It’s totally awkward, but also hilarious at the same time.