5 Marvel characters that deserve their own game

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Marvel 1985

Okay, so technically this is a story and not a character but if I listed Toby Goodman you probably wouldn’t know who I was talking about. See, Marvel 1985 was a six-issue stand-alone story that took place in our universe and starred a kid named Toby.

If you like Stranger Things, this might be your jam. In 1985 a kid in a small town discovers that Marvel villains have escaped the comic universe and have started setting up shop in his small town.

Before you think this is a fun tale of whimsy, nah. This is the kind of suspense-horror that Stranger Things is good at. Wendigo eats someone and carries around a limb. M.O.D.O.K. hypnotizes a bunch of town folk and has them all march into the water, carrying their children with him while he sings a nursery rhyme. Molten Man straight up melts someone’s head. It’s not a fun time. Oh and also characters like Fing Fang Foom and Galactus also appear.

Toby, who realizes he needs to do something after barely surviving an encounter with the Juggernaut in the woods, has to find his dad, a comic nerd, and figure out why this is happening and how to stop it.

Marvel 1985 would not be a game with fighting. Marvel 1985 would be an excellent stealth horror game where you, as Toby, would have to get across town while keeping an eye out for Marvel Villains wondering the town. Hiding from the Wendigo, avoiding obstacles in the woods as Hulk and Juggernaut smash everything around you, keeping yourself safe as Magneto flings things around, and then continuing after you find your dad who’s comic knowledge gives you better insight into the villains.

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The game would have a big Last of Us vibe only without the guns and I think it would be an absolute blast to play. Plus, I’d love to see a horrifying vision of a remorseless Galactus decimating things with eye beams through the eyes of a kid.