5 Marvel characters that deserve their own game

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Howard the Duck

Don’t you dare close this tab. Just hear me out. Around 2015-2016, Marvel writer Chip Zdarsky did this excellent run on Howard the Duck. The series saw him desperately wanting a normal life while at the same time getting pulled into space, wielding the power cosmic, fighting the Collector, teaming up with the best version of the Guardians of the Galaxy ever (the one ran by Kitty Pryde) and all the while investigating things for clients. It was a fantastic story.

It could also be a fantastic game.

Imagine a game somewhere between the point-and-click style of a Sam and Max game partnered with the story focus of a Telltale game with just a little evidence and investigation of a Phoenix Wright game. The style would also allow for a lot of the humor that makes modern Howard the Duck books shine.

Some of the things I’d like to see from the comics:

  • A morbidly depressed Spider-Man who keeps showing up at the wrong time and assumes he kills Howard the Duck over and over.
  • Aunt May being one of Howard’s assistants.
  • Constant nods to the George Lucas “Howard the Duck” live-action movie.
  • Some sort of cosmic magical storyline in which Howard can be incredibly out of his depth.
  • Constant cameos by other Marvel characters.

Give me a Howard the Duck story that has a main investigation I have to figure out with a ton of mandatory and option side jobs I can take (from tracking down lost pets to finding stolen tech) and sprinkle in the stuff I mentioned about and you’d have a game that’s completely quacktastic.

And hey, maybe get the involvement of Chip Zdarsky because, let me tell you, if you haven’t read his run on Howard the Duck you are absolutely missing out my dude. Me, personally, I’d love to see the game’s main antagonist be Arcade and you could call the game “Howard the Duck: Trapped in a Game He Never Made”. You can have that one for free, Marvel.