Nintendo Direct recap: Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3, and every big announcement

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Actraiser Renaissance

If every hipster in your life passed out at the same time today, this is probably why. Actraiser, the game people like to go on about whether they’ve actually played it for more than 10 minutes or not has gotten a full-on remaster with brand new graphics and quality of life features. It comes out, let me check my notes, now. It’s out now. Tell that to the hipster on the ground and they’ll wake up as if awoken by true love’s kiss.

Deltarune Chapters 1 + 2

The second chapter for Deltarune, the game from the people who brought you Undertale, is out right the heck now. If you bought Chapter 1, you get the second for free. Or you can just buy it now and get both chapters for one low price. It’s pretty great. If you liked Undertale you know what kind of story to expect here.

Mario Movie Casting Announcement

Miyamoto himself showed up to announce that while there still isn’t footage of the new Super Mario movie, he CAN announce the casting. And while I’m not a fan of Chris Pratt and Anya Joy as Mario and Peach, I am absolutely here for Charlie Day as Luigi. For real, I pray the human characters are live-action because Charlie Day as Luigi seems perfect. Plus Keegan-Micheal Key as Toad?! I don’t get it but I love it.

Splatoon 3

A ton of new footage was shown off about Splatoon 3. New maps, weapons, and even the reveal of new special weapons that seem to almost like superpowers. Footage showed an Inkling in a robot sphere mech similar to Wrecking Ball’s from Overwatch. Another clip showed a character that looked like a ninja extending a tentacle arm to latch on to a distant wall, pulling themselves through the air at their target and colliding with the wall in a large splat of paint. They also showed off a story mode that promised to talk about what happened to make all the mammals (except cats) disappear in the first place.

Bayonetta 3

This one had a lot going on. At first, I saw the 101 building and thought it was something to do with “The World Ends with You”. Then I saw the creatures and the cop dog and I thought it was a new Astral Chain. But what I wasn’t expecting was Bayonetta to come out of nowhere. Finally, it looks like Bayonetta 3 is actually happening.

So that was it for the Nintendo Direct? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.