Nintendo Direct recap: Bayonetta 3, Splatoon 3, and every big announcement

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Triangle Strategy

While I was laughing at the line “Now in stunning HD 2D” I know the people behind this, the people behind Octopath Traveller, are absolutely the people to trust with 2D graphics. Triangle Strategy is to Octopath Traveller what Final Fantasy Tactics is to Final Fantasy.

Metroid Dread (more information)

More info was shown about the upcoming Metroid Dread game. Not too much specifically telling us about the story but there were definitely some easter eggs. There was also a part that looked like the clone Samus from Metroid Fusion but that may have just been my excitement getting the best of me. But I totally think it is.

New Nintendo Switch Online Subscription Plan that includes N64 and Sega channels.

Nintendo basically said, “You kids asked for this, you’re going to sit down and eat it” with this announcement. Nintendo announced that there will be a new subscription tier to their online service and if you pay it, you’ll get access to two new gaming channels like the NES and SNES that currently exist.

There’s a Nintendo 64 channel and a Sega Genesis channel. You’ve got to pay more for them but honestly, N64 is so hard to emulate I say go for it. Also, if you wanna get REALLY fancy, they’re also going to be selling remake of N64 and Genesis controllers at 40 bucks a pop. So if you’re one of those dingbats that keep saying Mario Kart for the N64 was the best one, now you can take it and go away.

Shadowrun Trilogy

Briefly shown, Nintendo showed off a trilogy of the classic Shadowrun RPGs being released for the Switch. The first three games all in one collection. Not many details were given on quality of life changes but they look REALLY pretty.

Castlevania Advance Collection

The Game Boy Advance was a treasure trove of great but forgotten platformers including three Castlevania games that many people missed either because the Game Boy Advance was before their time or they just didn’t like playing on a small screen. Konami gives you a chance to fill those gaps.