Deathloop: Where to easily find Residuum to fuse your items

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Since the release of Deathloop over a week ago, gamers have been living the same day over and over again. The premise of Deathloop is rather simple, defeat 7 bosses in one single in-game day.

Sounds pretty simple and straightforward right? Wrong? While each boss doesn’t take long to kill, they all have to be killed at the perfect time. Make one wrong move and everything in the day resets back to how it started and you lose all that you collected. Hence the name “Deathloop.”

Any weapons, trinkets, or other items that you find during your run will be lost upon death. However, there is a way to slightly get around this inconvenience. There is something in the game called Residuum and what Residuum allows you to do is fuse it with one of your weapons or items that you receive. Doing so allows you to keep that item upon the time loop reset.

After playing the game for a few hours, you will come across an in-game mission called “Ubiquity.” Upon completion of this mission, the current loop that you were in will reset and you will begin a new time loop. However, instead of starting the loop with absolutely nothing, you will start the loop with the weapon that was fused with Residuum from in the “Ubiquity” mission.

At this point in time after that mission has been completed, you now have the ability to find and infuse Residuum with your items. You can get Residuum by harvesting objects that you have looted, collecting Residuum from glowing items around the map, and by killing Deathloop‘s Visionaries.

Another really way to get a ton of Residuum is by taking a journey to Updaam and opening a safe that is located there that contains 5,000 Residuum. This safe can be opened after every new time loop reset so it makes the journey worth it.

Each item costs a different amount of Residuum to fuse, depending on what the item is and its rarity so be sure to use your Residuum wisely. But also don’t let it go to waste. Any Residuum that is unused after the time loop resets will be lost.

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There is no doubt that Residuum will help make beating Deathloop a whole lot easier. This is a game that is way more fun when you take your time and prepare to defeat the 7 bosses after building up the perfect strategy. There is no need to rush through it. Just remember that Residuum will be one of your best friends in the game and will help you out tremendously. Deathloop is available now both on PC and PlayStation 5.