Pokemon TCG Live: A new Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to PC and mobile

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For nearly a decade players have enjoyed Pokémon TCG Online, warts and all. Well today, the Pokemon Company announced a new version will be arriving soon for PC and mobile. Dubbed Pokemon TCG Live, sounds like a more polished, more complete experience that will finally bring the game to smartphones in addition to tablets, PC and Macs.

The app free-to-play app will allow for players to build their decks and battle other Trainers around the world; however, the game will apparently not support card trading with other players, which is a major disappointment as it’s a key aspect to the Pokemon experience.

Pokemon TCG Live will also adopt other modern features from multiplayer games including a Battle Pass with daily quests. Progressing through the Battle Pass will unlock booster packs and cosmetics such as customizable avatars and Pokemon TCG accessories.

Pokemon expert site Serebii also note that there are multiple currencies in the game. Coins are earned through quests and by leveling up, and can be used to purchase avatar apparel, emotes, deckboxes and sleeves. Credits, earned through achieving milestones or transferring cards, can be redeemed for single cards. And finally, Crystals, which are earned by completing quests, are used to purchase booster packs, promo cards and special bundles. Presumably some of this currency can be purchased with real cash. I’m hoping this won’t turn the game into a pay-to-win system, but it is Pokemon after all.

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Unfortunately, no release date for Pokemon TCG Live has been announced. The game is said to be “coming soon” to iOS and Android devices, as well as PC and Macs. A mobile soft launch is planned for Canada only, with a global open beta for PC and Macs coming later this year. This seems to suggest that Pokemon TCG Live probably won’t launch until early 2022.