Deathloop Arsenal Leads: How to get the Strelak Verso

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A major focus of Deathloop is completing the Arsenal Leads, special quests that unlock powerful weapons and Slabs for Cole. You can obtain some of the strongest weapons in the game by completing these quests, including ones with gold rarity, which imbues them with extra powers and abilities.

One of my favorite weapons to unlock in Deathloop is the Strelak Verso. This is one of the most unique weapons in the game, a gold tier set of dual-wielding pistols that transform in a powerful and accurate burst-rifle. Not only is this weapon powerful, but its extremely versatile. When dual-wielding, you can quickly dispose of multiple foes from close-range, while transforming into the rifle allows you to eliminated them from a longer distance before they become a threat.

Deathloop: How to get the Strelak Verso

Unlocking the Strelak Verso in Deathloop is actually surprisingly straightforward — all you have to do is complete the “In This Together” Arsenal Lead quest, which is found at The Complex at Noon. The Strelak Verso is locked behind a set of doors within the arms depot.

When you arrive at this portion of the map and approach the Complex, you’ll hear and feel a massive explosion. Sneak (or blast your way) inside. There are multiple ways inside but ultimately what you’re looking for is a cracked open vault door with smoke coming out (look for the giant red X). Continue exploring until you see a doorway on your right with text that reads: no power no party.” This is your clue.

To open the locked door, you’ll need to collect four batteries to place inside the socket to the left of the door.

The first battery is located right outside of the room. Go directly forward and you’ll see a work light. Take the battery from there and insert it into the door socket. I do want to note that in my game, that light was actually turned off so I had to find the battery somewhere else.

The final two (or in my case, three batteries) were found in the same location. Exit the blast door and run directly towards the back of the complex. At the back you’ll see a wall with grafitti that that says “Freedom.” To the right of that is an exit. Head out through there and directly across you will see a camera. Disable that and go through the doors.

Make your way through the building and you’ll get to the main control room area. Go up the left staircase and in front of you is a battery station. There should be at least two batteries on the ground next to it that you can take and return to the door.

It’s annoying having to carry them each individually one at a time, but the good news is that once you do this, you have completed the quest!

Once you get all three batteries in place, you can open the door and obtain the Strelak Verso.