Marvel Future Revolution guide: Black Widow is best for newcomers

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Marvel Future Revolution: Black Widow
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Natasha’s got some pretty interesting and unique outfits to choose from. What I love about them is that they all scream Black Widow, while also having very diverse looks.

Her Hydra costume, though the default is greenish, is still unmistakably her. The Stark tech and mystical armors both have her defining logo marking as well. My personal favorite, however, is the 1872 armor that comes complete with six-shooters giving her a straight-up Annie Oakley vibe (above).

Not to say her wardrobe isn’t free from the perils of the other ones but, luckily, it’s not as bad as Spider-man’s where you can’t really mesh much. She does still have some wacky ones though, such as the outfit of the original Black Widow costume which, well, let’s just say the original Black Widow costume was a choice. Luckily though, I’m starting to find some lighter hair and some darker clothing and I’m really close to just turning her from Black Widow into Black Canary.

Marvel Future Revolution: Black Widow
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In a game where most of the characters you control have powers that allow you to play with magic, control weather, fire energy blasts, and warp the reality of what a frisbee can do, Black Widow has almost no right being as fun to play as she actually is. In fact, weirdly, her attacks seem to have the widest variety over anyone else’s.

When I went into this character I imagined her just kicking and shooting and, while yeah, there’s a lot of of that, her arsenal expands greatly as she levels up.

Marvel Future Revolution: Black Widow
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You start leveling up and the next thing you know you’re throwing zappy mines in the middle of enemy clusters. You’re using an energy whip that would make Zero Suit Samus jealous. You’re going invisible. You’re firing taser bolts. You’re all over the place.

Even letting the game autoplay was interesting to watch. As I was taking notes I figured I’d let her run some side quests on her own and I actually enjoyed watching the fight because there was so much happening.

My only complaint is that her traversal skill is useless. She’s able to fire her grappling hook into the air and pull herself up. This doesn’t cover a huge area of ground. It isn’t faster than walking. And there are no platforms in this game to pull yourself up on so I’m not sure what this is for but I know that I never found a reason for it.

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Beyond that, I think Black Widow would be the character I recommend starting off with. Powers wise, she tends to be the least interesting. But in this game she’s somehow the most versatile.