Marvel Future Revolution: Captain America Overview

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Every character has a large amount of alternate costumes to pick from. In addition these costumes can come in a lot of different colors and can have the head, gloves/weapons and pants/boots swapped with those from others so you can customize it a bit more to your liking. The armor also serves as an upgrade as they provide different skill boosts. Luckily you can equip the stats from one set of armor while displaying the looks of another, this means you can have the best stats possible with what you have without looking like a T.J.Max explosion.

Every character has outfits from the same themes too. There’s also a Hydra outfit if you wanna dress like an evil you. There’s usually one that looks like a historical costume like something out of the old west or the Roman empire. There’s a movie universe costume. A Steampunk costume that always has little poots of steam shooting off you in some capacity. There’s a bunch and some of them get really weird like the Midgardian ones that are, apparently, from a world where the Asgardians developed the Earth and, for some reason, despite being inspired by Norse mythology that originated in placed like Sweden and Norway, makes Steve get dark hair as opposed to his normal blonde hair, blue-eyed look which could not be more Swedish.

Marvel Future Revolution
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After playing for a while, I ended up with a bunch of Secret Empire evil greens for Steve but, because he didn’t look like enough of a jerk, I swapped out his gloves and shield for U.S.Agents which left me looking like this.

Marvel Future Revolution
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Captain America has a pretty interesting control style which, according to the character select screen, gives him a difficulty rating of 4/5. He is, understandable, a bit of a tank despite the fact that you straight up cannot use your shield for defensive abilities which kind of hurts me to think about. You have the most powerful shield in fiction and you still have to dodge out of the way of energy attacks.

Your attacks have a fun variety of ranged and up-close attacks that the computer does a good job of alternating for you so, occasionally, you’ll get some really nice moments where you’re done helping an enemy catch your hands only to turn around and throw your shield at someone behind you before diving towards them and giving them the old one-two.

Marvel Future Revolution
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The special attacks you unlock and upgrade are pretty expected. You’ve got one where you can throw your shield and it bounced between a bunch of enemies before returning. There’s a shield charge. There’s one where you put the shield on your wrist before punching the holy hell out of a single enemy. There’s even a really useful one where you hold your shield in front of you with one hand and punch it hard with the other creating a powerful shockwave that stuns enemies in front of you for several seconds.

This attack is really nice because it cancels large enemy attacks, as well as making enemies with shields, drop them for a moment.

The one thing that surprised me, playing as him, is that he’s weirdly chatty and not in the best way. If I get hit, sometimes, instead of saying “ouch” or “oof” he’ll say something like “this isn’t going as planned” which would be good if he said it occasionally but hearing comments like that several times in a fight against a large group of enemies made Steve Rodgers sound like a violent Eeyore (which, Square Enix, if you’re listening, I want that Kingdom Hearts DLC).

All-in-all, Captain America is a pretty solid picl for a playable character and he has some great variant looks, heavily because his shield changes dramatically in ways that can really make it stick out in the crowd of other players. As you level him up you really start feeling the power behind his punches and shield throws so while his intro level is probably one of the more boring ones, the game itself is pretty satisfying as him.