Marvel Future Revolution: Captain America Overview

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Marvel Future Revolutions has been out since August and I’ve had plenty of time to sit down with it. In this game about a multiverse merging in on itself to create a strange hodgepodge world you have access to eight different playable characters: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Storm, Star-Lord, and Iron Man. Unfortunately, while you get eight character slots to try out these different characters, you can never delete a character and four of them can only be unlocked by paying for them so this can be rough if you don’t know what different characters play like. Oh that reminds me, let me get my serious italics voice for a moment:

Disclaimer: For the intent of writing about each of the eight characters, I was provided currency codes allowing me to unlock the additional slots so I could experience each character.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the playable character, Captain America. And, because there are a LOT of Captain Americas in Marvel (off the cuff I can think of about five that are currently active, six if you count villains) I’ll point out we’re talking about the Steve Rodgers one.

We’re going to cover his intro story, his costumes, and finally, how he actually plays. Don’t worry, for the story bit I’ll throw down a spoiler warning before and after. If you don’t want to risk spoilers just scroll down to the button to take you to the next page and you’ll hop over to costumes and controls.

Story Spoilers Start

So after you pick Captain America, your particular Cap’n starts off in a place called Hydramerica, a place in which Red Skull and Hydra have taken over the country and turned it into what appears to be a Universal Studios of evil. Hydra octopus appear all over in the background on flags and signs like lobster images on the coasts of Maine. Seriously, has anyone ever tried to tell Hydra that the hydra was a serpent and not an octopus? Maybe they’re just really into tentacles. Actually, let’s not explore that. Anyways.

Captain America has entered Red Skull’s base in the middle of Hydramerica despite a guard in a cut scene previously saying “who’d want to try coming here”. While your reasons aren’t clear at first, you start fighting your way through the narrow halls of shipping crate harbors and facilities through a series of Hydra goons.

As they run the place, their technology has gotten pretty strong as they run down the Wolfenstein: The New Order playbook. You witness this when you start fighting robot dogs and Hydra goons piloting evil-looking mechs.

Marvel Future Revolution
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Eventually, you encounter them loading a cannon which seems to be your focal point for the mission. They’re hoisting it up to the roof of a nearby building. After fighting some goons, Captain America leaps himself up, off a truck onto the roof where we get to see the real goal. Winter Soldier.

The Red Skull has Winter Soldier chained up on some weird altar-like platform and is going to use this absolute unit of an energy cannon to destroy Bucky in a death trap so over the top you’d almost expect it to be thwarted by Adam West’s Batman.

Marvel Future Revolution
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Lucky for ol’ Buckles, you fight off the remaining goons, punch Red in his Skull and save Winter Soldier.

Shortly after, a portal opens and another Captain America shows up wearing a glowy, robotic “Starktech” version of his normal uniform and shield. He informs Steve that he’s needed in Omega Flight to help save all the worlds. Then, without saying a damn thing to Bucky, both Captain Americas bounce and we’re supposed to never think about the fact that we left Bucky in the middle of a base that Red Skull owns in the middle of a country that Red Skull controls. For real, Bucky is doomed. They don’t say that but like…come on.

But that’s Captain America’s intro story. From there, Starktech Cap’n introduces you to the concept of Omega Flight before dropping you off in a massive pit of other players all standing around like kids waiting for the school bus. From there you enter the main game which are the same stages all characters play.


Now let’s get into the costumes and controls.