Persona 6 should be set in America

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Differences in Services

Here’s another big one that could change up the story in an American Persona game. There is a stark difference between the benefits available to those in Japan than here.

One example is phones. In Persona 5, the Phantom Thieves use smartphones to communicate and to use an app to enter palaces. I wish phones were always that reliable though. I’ve had moments where I’m out and about and all of a sudden my phone vibrates its way into a new dimension because I’ve finally gotten a signal and all the messages I missed caught up to me.

Imagine a situation where they have a hard time finding the baddie because it’s overcast or because they’re in an area that doesn’t have good coverage. Japan has excellent internet, one of the world’s greatest but America does not. Japan has the 6th fastest internet speed in the world while America, as of 2020, was in 15th place where we’re almost tied with New Zealand and Latvia, the latter which, city-wise, still looks like the setting for an Assassin’s Creed game.

Think about your character being by themselves when all of a sudden they get a ton of notifications labeled 30 minutes prior from your teammates warning you that someone is heading your way to get you.

Likewise, the medical situation is DEFINITELY different.

Japan has a wonderful medical system that’s provided free to everyone. Even visitors. You could be in Japan, break your leg, and get medical treatment. You’re good to go.

In America, it is definitely not the case. You break your leg here and god help you. In Persona 5 you get the joy of running into a cool goth doc that runs her own private practice. Out here, all the doctors are part of either big hospitals or strange chain businesses and you’re absolutely not getting in without insurance.

And if a kid went in there for help when they got hurt their parent/caregiver would be receiving a visit from Child Protective Services posthaste. This could create a whole other series of situations where a character gets hurt and goes under investigation by Child Protective Services who come close to figuring out the situation.