Persona 6 should be set in America

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Social Interactions

Persona 5 (the one I’ll keep referring to mostly because it’s the most recent, not playing favorites) has a lot of interesting characters and a lot of these characters would, unless you live in some fantastical area of the states, just don’t exist here. For example, most Persona games feature a cherished and respected Student Council. Hahaha. Oh honey, that means nothing in our schools (sorry for pulling back the curtain for any Student Council hopefuls reading this).

Social hangouts for younger people are just way harder to come by here. For example, not to dox myself, but I live in an area of Ohio where basketball courts were really popular. The older people in my neighborhood got annoyed by this and convinced the city to remove the basketball courts and replace them with pickleball courts that, to this day years later, I’ve never seen used. And for the record, my kids play at the playground next to it so I’m there a LOT.

If a group of kids of four or more walk down my street there’s a solid chance that some crappy neighborhood watch guy would call the cops for “suspected gang activity”. Likewise, the places we hung out were very different than the places they hang out in Persona.

A fancy hotel buffet? Nah. We went to Denny’s or IHop(b). A high-end fashion district? Nope. We used to aimlessly wander around a Super K-Mart though. A calming stroll along the riverside? Cool. We used to loiter around the railroad tracks at the factory district.

There’s a bunch of things that are VERY different over here. Places that would really fill out a social life out here would be a lot of places that would be very new to Persona. That guy that’s always holding bonfires on the weekend? That “DJ” that is always throwing basement parties to show off his new setlist? Card shops. Half abandoned shopping malls. Fast food places with free wi-fi. Let’s see it.