Persona 6 should be set in America

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I know, I know, that headline bothers me too but I’m just asking you to hear me out for a minute before you put in that aggressive comment. Deal? If you don’t agree then go right ahead and act churlish in the comment. So, everyone knows that Persona 6 is coming. It would be insane for it not to, especially considering that Atlus is pretty much making sure you KNOW that Persona 6 is coming.

They’ve been doing a 25th anniversary of Persona that’s teasing six new things in the works and while a lot of speculation has circulated for a new Persona fighting game, you damn well know they’re going to make a sixth mainline Persona after how well the fifth game did.

Here’s the thing though. If Persona wants to stay fresh they’re going to need to do something different for the next one. Atlus loves setting their “real world” games around the same area and, as Google street view has proved to me, I can find my way around that area with ease thanks solely to my time playing Persona and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. So… why not someplace in America?

Now, when I get into why this article is going to sound like I’m joking or being satirical but I genuinely feel this could be a thing.

Weapon Problems

Persona 5 tackled the difficulties with weapons in a simple way. Since the places you do battle in, in Persona 5 take place within the mindscape, toy weapons become real weapons. Toy guns become actual guns. Decorative display swords become real blades. Things like that.

But here’s the thing, I don’t care if it’s a toy gun or a replica sword, my seven-year-old goes through a massive security checkpoint at school where he goes through a metal detector and the occasional bag search and toy weapons are 100% forbidden.

Even during the pandemic, if you had replica weapons while on camera you would be removed from the class every single time after your first warning. American schools are not messing around. This would create an interesting scenario in which the characters would have to find a way to sneak them into the school, or, better yet, have a place where they had to attend five days a week with the knowledge that they’d be absolutely defenseless.

Doing this could create a plethora of situations that could all equally be interesting and provide a fresh spin on things.