I am obsessed with Monster Hunter Stories 2’s Monstie inspired haircuts

Capcom /

Monster Hunter has always been about creating looks inspired by the monsters you fight. Mostly because your character wears armor and uses weapons literally built out of pieces of the monsters you’ve defeated. And as I absolutely love this game; I can tell you, there are a lot of monsters with cool looking in the newest game.

You beat enough big fluffy Lagombi, you can create a big fluffy armor set that looks warm and poofy. But take out enough of the bulky horned Diablos and you’ll be able to craft yourself some remarkably bulky and inadvisable horned armor. Pair these with bows made out of feathers and claws or swords made out of crab pincers and you got yourself a look to make people think you survived a war that took place within a Golden Corral.

But one thing that Monster Hunter Stories does a little different is it also allows you to acquire hairstyles inspired by the various monsters you encounter along the way. You can get them either from the Melynx Inc. merchant who sells more and more of these hairstyles over time if you trade bottle caps or, because Capcom, some of the haircuts are only available via DLC. Though you can get all the DLC cosmetics including alternate costumes for side characters and yourself for $25 which ain’t bad if you’re into cosmetics like I am. I even got the ones from the original Stories amiibo.

The haircuts serve no tactical advantage or stat changes. Similar to how layered armor you get from the merchant allows you to change your look without your stats, the hairstyles only allow you to look dope during action and cut scenes. Well, usually. While most of the haircuts based on Monsties are really, really nice looking. There’s the awesome mohawk based on the Kulu-Ya-Ku, or this excellent one which is the Barioth Braids. They not only feature braids based on Barioth’s fur layout but two bone pieces that look like cat ears.

But there are also ones that…are not good. At all. Like the Conga Cone. Which, if you can find an outfit this thing goes with, I’m sorry but you are wrong because this goes with nothing.

Even if a hairstyle isn’t great though, I love the idea of someone looking over these monsters and lovingly coming up with special haircuts inspired by the looks of each one.

This isn’t all of them but here’s my character trying on a large amount of them with my black with light-blue highlight color scheme I got going.

I still have a couple more of these haircuts to unlock but I look forward to it. The slow trickle of unlocking these is a perfect carrot for someone obsessed with cosmetic changes in games like myself.