Madden 22 delivers on Franchise Mode improvements

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EA assured fans that Franchise mode would be getting love in Madden NFL 22 and it seems they are delivering on that promise. After finally revealing Madden 22 last week, one of the first all access deep dives for this year’s game focused on Franchise. Many fan-requested features are making their way into the game with Madden 22 and although not every promised feature will be available at launch, there’s a lot for fans to be excited about.

Franchise Staff

One of the highlights is the all-new Franchise Staff which not only includes coach management, but an RPG-like progression system as well. With this new feature, you’ll grow, build and customize your coaching staff to build a team that fits your playstyle.

Your team’s staff will be comprised of for main positions: Head Coach, Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and Player Personnel.  Using Staff Points, you can upgrade various talent trees associated with each position to improve and customize your team to your liking.

Staff points are earned weekly by setting your goals, playing your games and completing objectives. You’ll be able to spend these points across the different Talent Trees. There will be 60 talents to choose from at launch with more added throughout the Madden 22 live service season.

Weekly Strategy and Dynamic Gameday Integration

Playing off Madden 22’s emphasis on “Dynamic Gameday,” Franchise will offer weekly strategy opportunities and challenges for players, coaches, teams and fans. Weekly Strategy is considered the “core” of your Franchise experience as you’ll be forced to confront and overcome various challenges you’ll face.

Additionally, using next-gen stats, you’ll be able to study your opponents strengths and weaknesses with detailed statistical and playcalling reports. Using this information, you’ll create weekly gameplans and halftime adjustments.

You’ll also have to manage player health and fatigue levels by controlling practice intensity and reps.

New Season Engine

An enhanced season engine is designed to replicate the ups and downs of the NFL. Madden 22 will launch with over 35 different scenarios with more added over the course of the live service.

One example of a scenario you’ll encounter is the “Perfect Chemistry.” During the season, an elite quarterback can trigger a tiered breakout for a younger receiver. The weekly challenges will get progressively more difficult over the course of the season but you’ll have the chance to turn a middling wide receiver into a rising star. Scenarios like this are designed to make you feel more engaged in the season while also improving your players.

Improved Franchise Hub

The Franchise Hub has been revamped to make the most important franchise information more accessible to you. This includes a focus on an activities list for what you need to do each week, your goals for the week, an updated news screen with details from around the league, faster access to roster management, and a league tab with more detailed information.


One of the most-requested features by the Madden community, the improved scouting feature won’t actually arrive until September. This revamped scouting feature shows a lot of promised with national and regional scouts, and more.

Madden NFL 22 launches on August 20 with early access beginning on August 17 for those who pre-order the MVP Edition or Dynasty Edition.