Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands wishlist: Eight things we want to see

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While I’m disappointed that Borderlands 3— at least in the foreseeable future— is not getting any additional content after the second Season Pass, I’m excited for the new upcoming spinoff game featuring Tiny Tina. Information about how Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will play is still a mystery; but we can assume it’ll have the gun and combat mechanics similar to Borderlands 3, of course with new and unique abilities, spells, and melee weapons added into the mix.

This game should hopefully satisfy my desire to keep playing Borderlands since the third game’s content is starting to get stale. As of right now, I’ve set the bar high, especially with how far Gearbox has made Borderlands 3 to be in terms of side quests, weapon variety, balancing, and endgame content. Here are eight things I want to see in the upcoming Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands game:

1. Humor more akin to Borderlands 2

While Wonderlands is not going to be something exactly like a typical Borderlands title, I do expect the game to still have the charm, one-liners, and the edgy humor these games typically have. However, I do want the game to have the mood set to something like Borderlands 2. As far as we know, this takes place before the events of the third game, but some time after Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, the most popular DLC of Borderlands 2.

I liked some of the humor of Borderlands 3, but it just didn’t have that kind of lasting power like the second game did, especially when it had the charming, but degenerate villain that is Handsome Jack. I also feel that Borderlands 3 played it a bit too safe with the jokes because of today’s climate. What made the series so unique from the other top competing looter shooters was that it had a serious story but good moments of comedic relief. Hopefully, with Tiny Tina acting as the Dungeon Master, her twisted mind of explosions and fantasy can provide some wild humor.

2. A plethora of references and Easter eggs

If there’s anything I really appreciate in Borderlands games in general, it would be the sheer amount of cool references and Easter eggs whether it’s in the weapons, unique enemies, or interactions between characters. I want to see things like the Minecraft Easter egg from Borderlands 2, or something like the Hellwalker or Superball from Borderlands 3. Of course, I would expect there to be more classic Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy references in the mix given the game’s theme.

I hope to also take on named enemies who have dedicated loot pools like Spongeboss BulletPants or Borman Nates. I want the red text on legendary and unique weapons to stay too. It’s fun trying to figure out where these references are from, and a handful of them are quite witty.