Nintendo Direct E3 2021: A recap of every major announcement

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Shin Megami Tensei V

In this surprising Switch exclusive, your VERY Shim Megami Tensei-looking fashion teen gets knocked into a post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo. Figure out how you got there and how to get out while finding yourself trapped in the middle of a battle betwixt demons and angels.

Explore an open world and engage in turn-based battles as you and the demons you convince to join you take on the world.

The series features the return of all the creatures you know and love that actually show up during battle and join you. Even Jack Frost was in there looking good. No word yet on whether or not Mara “The Throbbing King of Desire” will make an appearance but I hope not. (Note: If you don’t know this particular enemy from the series, please don’t Image Search it.)

This Switch exclusive arrives fashionably late on November 12th.

Dang that’s a lot of Danganronpas

Nintendo announced that a new Danganronpa is coming out called Danganronpa Decapance will be coming out later this year with a stand-alone version of the board game side game that’s been improved and includes characters from the past Danganronpas.

Speaking of past Danganronpas (I hate typing Danganronpa), Nintendo also announced that the first four Danganronpas will be available to download digitally over the course of this year.


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

The game series that can make me uncomfortable like no other game can returns on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

If you’ve never played one, imagine you’re playing Resident Evil and have no weapons. Also the zombies are invisible. Also you don’t really know if there’s an enemy nearby unless you watch for the environment showing signs of movements like dust kicking up on the floor or hanging laundry being pushed past. You can see the ghosts by looking through the camera. While in this mode you can see the ghosts and take their picture (which damages them).

The downside of this is that when you look through the camera you’re not only immobilized but the game switches to First Person. So those ghosts are probably going to be right in your face and mid-scream when you look.

Get ready to accidentally drop your Switch in public when it comes out later this year.