Nintendo Direct E3 2021: A recap of every major announcement

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Mario Golf: Super Rush

More information was shown on the newest addition to the Mario Golf series. This trailer showed up the new modes that will be available in the game.

Standard Golf will be your traditional golf game with what looks like the age-old three-click power/accuracy meter.

Speed Golf will be similar to the online mode in Everybody’s Golf on PS4 where everyone is running freely but in this mode, you’re also racing to get the ball in the hole first. Power-ups will allow you to race across the course or slow your opponents.

Battle Golf will be similar except it takes place in a bizarre arena filled with traps as you race to capture as many flags as possible.

Golf Adventure will have you taking a Mii character into the game and going through a story mode as you customize your character and level them up getting them stronger.

At the end they also announced that there will be additional courses and characters added to the game in future DLC for the low price of free. Looks like a lot to look forward to when this bad boy drops on June 25th.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

More footage was shown of this game that, if you played the first game, didn’t really tell you anything you didn’t already know.

The trailer focused on how the game works. Riding monsties, crafting armor, hunting them monsters and raising baby ones.

They did do a heavy focus on the fact that, somehow, you’ll be able to team up with other hunters online. Curious to see how that works.

Cool thing they announced, however, was that while the game doesn’t come out until July 9th, a free demo comes out on the 25th and progress from that game will transfer to the full version.

Warioware: Get it Together

I don’t know how to feel on this one. While I’m super hyped for a new Warioware game, this seems to be a new twist on the formula I’m used to.

While you still tear through a series of microgames, you play as one of the many different characters from the Warioware series, each with its own moves. An example they showed was a tree you had to remove the apples from. One character jumped up and down shooting projectiles while a different one flew overhead with a tractor beam.

This seems like depending on which character you have you’ll have to solve the puzzles differently. Should be interesting, especially with the inclusion of online play.

Hopefully more info drops before this game comes out Sept 10th.