My wishlist for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

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New F-Zero Game

Despite Captain Falcon being a long-running meme god and Nintendo constantly considering F-Zero one of their classics, they haven’t touched the series since F-Zero Climax back in 2004 when they dropped the game for the Game Boy Advance and then stated the series was going to go on hiatus.

But as the poet laureate, Axel Rose once penned, “Nothing lasts forever”.

Nintendo needs to have a racing game beyond just Mario Kart. They need something that not only delivers racing without constant weapons firing everywhere but also more games to justify their only service and F-Zero would absolutely deliver on that front.

My dream F-Zero would allow you to create your own bizarre space racer and work your way up through a campaign where you buy parts for your customizable ship by working for a famous F-Zero character like Captain Falcon or Gordo and then taking that ship online to race against other players’ creations. I’d love that.

Possibility: Full-court shot at the buzzer

New Famicom Detective Club Game

A big surprise from Nintendo recently was when they announced complete remasters of two of the Famicom Detective Club games. These games were a huge surprise because they were the obscurest of obscure titles.

One of the earliest visual novel games, the Famicom Detective Club games were available to a remarkably small group of people. People who owned the disk-drive add-on called the Family Computer Disk System that only came out in Japan. And when I say “disk” I’m talking floppy disk, not CD.

The remasters were exceptional. Incredibly detailed art, enough animation to make the world feel living and a fully voiced cast where even a random bystander would be expertly portrayed by a voice actor.

But they gave us two and I want all of them or a whole new title. You can’t just be like, “here are two games from this series, look how good they were” and then never let us have them again. No no no, daddy needs more, I loved these games.

Possibility: A Facebook Marketplace purchase meets expectations