My wishlist for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

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Metroid Prime 4 gameplay and release date

This one seems a little more likely as, well, this is actually a game Nintendo has revealed in the past. So far though, Nintendo hasn’t shown more than just a simple mock logo for the game but this would be the perfect time for them to showcase some actual footage of the game.

Also, given how Nintendo roles, this would also be a really good time for them to suddenly drop a Metroid Prime All-Stars type game where they’re “allowing” players to refamiliarize themselves with the series leading up to the new game and allowing players to replay the first three Metroid Primes on the Nintendo Switch.

And as the 35th anniversary for Metroid just happened and, next year, the 20th anniversary of Metroid Prime is happening, maybe they’ll even do the thing they did for Super Mario 3D All-stars and make it a weird limited time deal.

Metroid 99 maybe?

Possibility: Pretty likely


This one is one that everyone always wants to see at E3 and it never ever happens, more than likely because it honestly wouldn’t sell well but holy crap is it fun to think about.

I know that this is always a shot in the dark but here me out, I have evidence to think there might be something this time.

Do you remember Reggie “My Body is Ready” Fils-Aime? Former Nintendo America president and guy who despite being one of the most powerful names in gaming gave up trying to help Gamestop fleeing the company after being barely involved with them for one year? That guy?

Despite not working for Nintendo, he still loves Nintendo and is still very in the know with them and tends to constantly post things that can often be tied to other things that are happening and back in April he posted this:

So maybe, if anything, we’ll finally get the English version of Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance. A game that, quiet honestly, has some of the most gorgeous pixel art of its time. Like, just watch the part where Flint has an emotional breakdown and tell me there has ever been a stronger emotional scene in a video game of this era, visually.

So here’s hoping we see SOMETHING Earthbound. Heck, even if it’s finally to add Porky to Smash Bros.

Possibility: When pigs fly