My wishlist for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

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Hi there! Eric Halliday, App Trigger’s resident Nintendo dork — anyone who has been to my home will fully vouch on this. My living room alone has over 80 amiibo on a shelf along the ceiling, my TV looks like it’s being munched on by a large Metroid replica, the wall calendar is official Nintendo and the big wall opposite of the TV has a big 3′ by 5′ poster of Pikachu and Raichu standing back to back with their arms crossed. And luckily, I have kids so I can totally pass this off as doing it for them if the wrong kind of company shows up at my house.

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I’m telling you this not just because my doctor says the first step down a long road is admitting you have a problem, but also because, in honor of E3, Nintendo is doing a massive Nintendo Direct. And when that happens my brain splits into two halves. A half that is desperately trying to temper my expectations and realize it’ll probably be talking about stuff we already know about, like new footage from the Pokemon games like the Diamond/Pearl remakes or Pokemon Legends: Arceus, or gameplay footage of Splatoon 3.

But the other part of my brain that suddenly becomes the Question from the old JLU cartoons and starts stringing things together making wild accusations and crazy theories. Today that’s what I’m going to let fly so here are a couple of things that my brain is REALLY hoping for that, more than likely won’t happen.

New Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC

I’m not sure if you saw my earlier article but a ways back, speaking of turning into the Question, I had a fun manic episode where I took all the remaining Pokemon that never appeared in Sword and Shield and I realized they easily went into two lists, kinda cute and kinda edgy and the lists were almost perfectly similar in length creating the perfect basis for two completely interesting and unique DLC expansions for Sword and Shield.

I’d love to see them add one more set of two DLC’s completely reuniting the roster once more and adding more to a game that still has a ton of unanswered questions. I mean, what was Oleana doing looking for Chairman Rose in an abandoned graveyard in the Crown Tundra DLC? We really not going to dig deeper into this? It’s a hope but with two Pokemon games coming out in the next year it seems slim.

Possibility: Plausible but not likely.