Destiny 2 has a major map problem Major Map Problem

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So it’s been, 586 days since we got a new crucible map*, 425 since we got even an old Destiny map added*. This is a big problem for a game that relies heavily on their competitive multiplayer modes in their quests to get weapons. Even Iron banner, a large mode for those who want to flex their light muscles, hasn’t had new armor offerings in 586 days*.

Considering who Bungie is up against, they should be trying a lot harder to compete as most of Destiny 2’s marketing is word of mouth. Considering the depth, feel, and fun had with the gunplay in these PVP modes would suggest that Bungie wants to be in a more competitive state

Destiny’s other major game mode, and in this writer’s opinion the more stand-out of the two, is Gambit. This game mode got a bit of love by combining the regular and prime game modes with the launch of beyond light. Although, once again, 796 days since the release of a new gambit map.* Sadly, there were only 4 of those, to begin with!  This mode should be a bunch of fun especially being supported by probably Destiny’s most interesting character, the Drifter. This being Destiny’s PVEVP game type, it’s become extremely predictable on where the Player vs AI part will show up. The other problem is it makes the Player vs player portion a bit monotonous, cause they know exactly where to hide and you know exactly where to look.

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Now that I have the fan base all nice and riled up, I can say “Bungie why!?” They spit out new strikes and these new game modes for each season, which are hit and miss at best. For most other indie companies I would give them a pass, but considering the massive budget and resources they had, while merged with Activision, plus their past reputation when building the halo franchise, I can’t help but feel mass disappointment.

So Bungie I’m begging, can we please get more maps for a season in place of some throwaway game mode? Hit me with a comment below about your thoughts on this one or even any other ways Destiny could be repaired.

*all the times since new maps releases were provided by Gamer.