Miitopia knows my children too well

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I’ve been playing Miitopia for a while now. Even after playing the original for the 3DS I’ve been digging into the Switch version since launch and I honestly love it. While not for everyone, it’s a great game for people looking for something fun, especially if you’re into memes or really want a game for the whole family.

But as you make your own characters down to the NPCs you get back what you put in. If you’re just making up characters on the fly it might not be as interesting as if you add characters from things you know and love.

For example, I recently had Majima, from the Yakuza series, hang out with Rem from the Re:Zero series. I figured Majima would enjoy Karaoke (as is his way) and he was just as over the top as he is in his home series.

When you make characters in Miitopia, you don’t just get control over their appearance and class but also their personality and relationship with other characters. The more characters spend time together, the more nonsense they get up to. Characters with a strong bond do different things than characters with a weak bond. It can create all sorts of events.

One thing I noticed though, having made the questionably bad choice of including my kids in Miitopia, is the game has really learned to replicate their behavior to a degree that is almost eerie to me.

Take, for example, my seven-year-old Damian. He’s in his head a lot, enjoys researching stuff and is very, very hard to sway which really meshed with his in-game character. When an enemy tried to sway him, Damian learned the power of…indifference… and it was one of the most Damian things I’ve seen.

Likewise, my five-year-old, Malcolm, is very over-the-top, filled with energy and just chaos on legs. Miitopia has seen this and replicated it to a tee which was fully captured when I tried to take Malcolm on a boat.

All in all the game has led to funny moments like a genie named Shaq causing chaos, or an elf based off Scott Pilgrim being a lazy ass while fellow elves Ramona and Kim dealing with trouble. Joker from Persona 5 hanging out with Kawakami while Makoto gets jealous. All these are fun but watching this game perfectly capture the personalities of my kids is just beyond bizarre.