Warframe Devstream 155 Overview: Sisters of Parvos, Yareli, and Dog Days

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In an unusual day for a Devstream, dev team held one and laid out what is to come specifically for Update 30.5 — The Sisters of Parvos. Now that time has passed and Warframe players have gotten used to the improved Railjack experience, there is more to come hopefully in the coming month.

The Sisters of Parvos

The major addition of this update are the Sisters of Parvos (SoP). These are the Corpus equivalent of Kuva Liches, so that means having a progenitor Warframe to spawn a personalized Lich, or now Sister of Parvos. You then are tasked to fight through SoP occupied spaces on the star chart and fill your requiem murmur bars. Unveil the murmurs and have the corresponding requiem mods to either vanquish or convert your specific queenpin. Check more about how the whole system works here. 

This is going to be a sizable update in terms of new weapons, given that the Sisters will have new and alternative Corpus weapons to farm. Kuva Liches will also have new Kuva variant weapons in their drop tables too, like the very popular Zarr, Hek, and Grattler.

This update will now shift the final battle over to an Assassination type mission in the Railjack Proxima regions. This is when you have your requiem mods equipped in the right sequence and you’re ready to vanquish or convert your Lich/Sister. It’s nice to see the inclusivity of core Warframe and newer modes to create a much more dynamic experience.

Warframe Kuva weapons
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The Sisters will have such weapons like the Arca Plasmor, Flux Rifle, Tetra, Cycron, and Detron in their drop tables. And to coincide with Kuva weapons, these Corpus weapons will have the “Granum” prefix, meaning they’ll come with modified stats, progenitor Warframe elements, and the potential to go up to level 40. In addition to some returning weapons getting the Granum treatment, there will be new weapons with no base variant that were teased in this past stream. The following weapons did not have finalized names, but had code names like “AR Sniper”, “Briefcase Akimbo Pistols”, and “Igniter Pistol”.

In addition to the Lich-styled Sisters aspect of this update, there will be a handful of new wares to obtain from Ergo Glast, the 10th Intrinsic level for Command, and new ways to advertise your clan besides using the recruitment tab in chat.

Warframe Yareli
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Finally, teased in the last Devstream, Yareli will be the next Warframe coming to the game. She will be released in the 30.5 update with some lore involving the Vent Kids in Fortuna, Venus. She is another fan-designed Warframe by a freelance artist named Matias Tapia. Her development is going along well, as her abilities were all shown in this stream (roughly around the 45:30 mark). She also seems more unique with her passive ability giving her stat increases to her criticals. Yareli has an ability that can also conjure up this k-drive-esque creature called “Marulina”. She seems to be the very agile type, with good crowd-control potential.

Her acquisition will be through this “mini-quest” dubbed “Waveriders #1”. What that entails will be revealed as the days come closer to launch. There is no specified date for the launch of this update, but stay tuned on all official Warframe social media pages to stay updated.

Warframe Dog Days
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Tactical Alert: Dog Days 2021

Coming back on June 7th will be the summer kickoff event, Dog Days. It’s an arena-type game mode where one to four players will take on the various champions— or Executioners— of Kela De Thaym’s Rathuum in a water gun fight. Much like Rathuum, the team with the most points wins. There are multiple difficulty tiers in this event, with the higher tiers rewarding more Nakak Pearls, a limited-time event currency that you can use to spend on Orbiter cosmetics, Kela De Thaym boss fight augment mods, and other wares.

No mods, no gimmicks, just stripped down Warframe gameplay, and your trusty Soaktron. By the way, the Soaktron will be available as a rifle skin this time around. The event will run until June 21, so stock up on the Nakak Pearls and buy the items you want before most of them are gone.

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