Warframe guide: How to farm for and build Gara Prime

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Gara Prime officially arrived this week, becoming the 32nd Prime Warframe in the game. The powered-up version of the glass manipulator can be purchased flat out through Prime Access but if you’re cheap like me, you’ll probably want to do it the good ol’ fashion way: farm for the specific relics and components you’ll need to craft it yourself.

Like all other Prime variants in Warframe, you can complete specific missions that have a chance to drop the relics and components you’ll need to build Gara Prime. This generally isn’t hard to do, but it is time consuming.

As per usualy, to build Gara Prime, you’ll need the warframe blueprint as well as the blueprints for the chasis, neuroptics and systems.To help you, I’ve put together a simple guide to help show you the best missions to farm for the required pieces.

Gara Blueprint – Axi G6 (rare)

The Apollo Disruption mission on Lua is the best place to farm for Axi relics with fairly high drop rates on rotations B and C.

Chasis Blueprint – Lith K6 (uncommon)

The easiest place to farm for Lith relics is Hepit in the Void, which provides a 100% drop rate when completing the mission. Taranis, a defense mission in the Void, is another place with a high Lith relic drop chance.

Another option, especially if you’re also looking for Neo and Axi relics at the same time, is the Terrorem survival mission on Deimos. Lith relics have a high drop rate on rotation A, Neo on B, and Axi on C.

Neuroptics Blueprint – Meso P5 (uncommon)

For Meso relics, you’ll want to do Olympus Disruption on Mars. You’ll be guaranteed a relic if you successfully defend all the nodes. If you’re farming for Meso and Neo relics at the same time, try Ukko capture mission in the Void. This has a 50/50 chance of dropping either.

Systems Blueprint – Neo A5 (common)

For Neo relics, the Disruption mission Ur on Uranus has a good chance to drop Neo relics on rotation B and C. Ukko in the Void is another good farming place as it has a 50/50 drop chance for either a Neo or Meso relic.

Once you have the required relics, you can begin manufacturing the parts needed for Gara Prime:


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 10 Neurodes
  • 2 Argon Crystal
  • 1,500 Rubedo
  • 6,750 Ferrite


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 7 Gallium
  • 2,150 Polymer Bundle
  • 250 Oxium
  • 8,750 Nano Spores


  • 2 Nitain Extract
  • 2 Tellurium
  • 1,350 Circuits
  • 4,375 Salvage

Once you have all this, for another 25,000 Credits and 5 Orokin cell you can begin crafting Gara Prime. Wait 72 hours and the new Warframe is all yours!