How to do Special Throws in Knockout City

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Knockout City has been out for a bit now for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PlaySstation and Xbox. If you read my article on it, I honestly feel like this might be a huge hit.

A mix of a multiplayer arena and battle royale, Knockout City’s inclusion of being able to catch the ball and negate an attack puts an exciting new layer on the game that makes it feel like countering in a fighting game. But much like a fighting game, did you know that there are special moves? Yes Virginia, there arespecial moves!

First and foremost though, remember. Knowing how to throw is one thing but winning teams play as teams. Working together gets you fun moments like this.

This article is going to focus on three special throws. The curveball, the lob, and the ultimate. So over the course of this article, I’m going to show you how to get these done. Let’s start with the curveball.

Throwing a Curveball

Pesky opponents keep hiding behind poles and corners? Change things up and throw them a curveball. Literally!

Pressing A at any time usually makes your character do a graceful little spin move. It’ll allow you to so a short dodge move that will not save you from most throws but can occasionally allow you to dodge someone trying to charge you. But not just that, hold down throw then spin and let go of throw while you’re twirling and you’ll throw some crazy curve on the ball. Depending on the distance this is enough to get the ball to go way out on the side before returning like a boomerang and dinging the unsuspecting hider.

Be aware of your surroundings though because if it hits ANYTHING it’ll stop immediately. Throwing a curveball looks either really cool or like you just chucked the ball into a wall depending on how much awareness you have of your immediate surroundings.

Another benefit I’ve found of the curveball is a simple fact that people don’t always expect it so they’ll sometimes try to catch early not expecting the extra second it takes for a curveball to make its way there.

Here’s an idea of what it looks like if done correctly.

Throwing a Lob

Got an enemy hiding behind a planter or a car and want to show them the flaw in cowardous? Well, welcome to the Bob Loblaw Lob Blog.

Much like throwing a curveball required you to do the spin where you spin your body on a horizontal axis, this one is going to require you to spin your body on the vertical axis. If you’re on the Switch it’ll be X, anything else, the top of the buttons. X for Switch, Triangle for PlayStation and I don’t know what for those monsters over on Xbox. Figure yourself out.

The thing to remember about the lob is that it’s curve is no where near as extreme as the curveball. It can still lead to embarrassing moments for the enemy but it’s really mostly good for getting up and over slight things. Like if the enemy is on a ledge above you just out of sight, this will give you that oomph.

Again, just like the curveball, you’re going to wanna charge up a throw, hit the roll button, and release while doing so. You’ll see the ball have a different looking flight pattern and it will gain an upward curve as it flies towards your target.

Here’s me practicing in the training area just so you can see the curve before you over estimate it and think you found a magic spell to drop things from the sky.

Ultimate Shot

Here’s a fun one they don’t teach you well. You’ve probably already figured out you can roll into a ball which helps you speed down ramps or do under small gaps (seriously, you can go under a lot of vehicles and into weird shortcuts, try it), and you may have even figured out that if you roll into a teammate they can throw you like a ball. But…

Did you know that if you’re holding a teammate and charge up your attack eventually they’ll take on a new form. You can unlock a bunch of different forms. Default is a bomb, my personal one is a whoopie cushion complete with fart sound because I…am a child.

When they take on this form, throw them and they’ll go way up in the sky. From there the person you threw pilots themselves so you’re free to go do something else. They’ll get a bird’s eye view on where all the enemies are allowing them to home in before hitting the ground hard and exploding. This will take any character out in one hit if they’re caught in the blast.

Just remember that, one, the other team can see where you’re aiming too and you best believe they’re going to get out of the way posthaste. But two, the second you connect with the ground the enemy can start attacking you so get ready to dive out of the smoke cloud the second you hit or you’re just a big dramatic target.

I missed here but here’s what the ultimate attack looks like from the projectile’s point of view. While I do miss, you’re at least graced with the charming fart sound.