New Pokemon Snap: How to find all the Mythical Pokemon

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Manaphy is a personal favorite of mine and is kinda cool as it’s one of the only Mythical Pokemon that can breed eggs, albeit bizarre malformed variants called Phione. This one requires a bit of aim with the Illumina Orbs but isn’t too hard to get if you start early.

To snag it, you need to head to Maricopia Reef in the Evening, a time you unlock after beating the game. Once there you’re going to make your way towards the end of the stage. You’ll get a notification that there’s a fork in the road and you’re going to want to keep right so make sure you take it. This will take you through the area in which Lapras are hanging out. Hitting them all with orbs will get them excited and playing music will get them to sing. When the two in the middle start singing together get ready.

After a second or two, Manaphy will shoot up out of the water and excitedly hanging out in the middle of the two Lapras before swimming around with the smaller Lapras. It’s a pretty cute scene.


Shaymin in all its form(e)s is one of my all-time favorites and my go-to for Pokemon I’d actually want in my home were they real. Shaymin’s also one of the first mythical you can encounter merely by playing your cards right in the first Illumina Pokemon spot as keeping it glowing will cause a Shaymin to ride on the Meganium’s noggin’ but we want more.

After you beat the main story of the game, you start unlocking other parts of the stages. New Pokemon show up and all the legendary and mythical Pokemon get a lot more friendly, Shaymin more than most. To get the most Shaymin per mile we’re going to head over to the Florio Nature Park during the day at research level 3. When you hit the area with the dam, look to your left where Pichu is. Scanning in the grass will help you find Shaymin. Waking it up, playing music and taking its picture will cause it to get hyped and runoff.

After this, at the end of the stage as you stroll through the flower field you’ll find a bloom on your left. Lighting it up will summon Grooky, Scorbunny, Pichu (if you hit the flower patch right beforehand) and Shaymin. The three/four will play together being super adorable and landing you with an easy four-star photo. Just make sure you have Shaymin in focus or else it’ll register one of the other three.