New Pokemon Snap: How to find all the Mythical Pokemon

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The New Pokemon Snap has a massive wealth of over 200 Pokemon running about within its various biomes. Included in those are a slew of Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon though, surprisingly, not a lot. Outside of one that you find at the end of the game that I won’t spoil because it’s a story spoiler and, honestly, you’ll encounter it no problem if you just follow the story, there’s only five Mythical and three Legendary beyond it.

Finding them though can range from remarkable easy, in the case of Celebi and Shaymin to screaming into the night sky because you missed Mew.

In this article, we’re going to cover the Mythicals (the Legendaries will be in a separate read) so let’s get into it. Good luck.


Celebi was the one that, when New Pokemon Snap was revealed, was absolutely the misdirect Pokemon. It was often shown in the trailers in a way that made many believe the story was going to revolve around it when…oh my god, this game could not care less about Mythical and Legendaries. Professor Mirror gets presented with evidence of these rare Pokemon with the same enthusiasm as he would yet another picture of a Magikarp. This is both his greatest strength and surely the thing that will lead to his death.

Anywho. If you’re looking to get a picture of Celebi, you need to head into the Elsewhere Forest at Level 3. After you pass through the last bit of fog in the final section of the map, Celebi will show up and fly overhead. Hitting it with an orb will make it vanish.

As you pass under the tree, you’ll see several apples and an Applin on the right. Throw some Fluffruit and Celebi will teleport over and grab it. Getting a picture of it eating is a guaranteed three-star.

Finally, you’ll see it sitting on the ruin to your left. Hit the bloom near it with an Illumina Orb quickly enough and you might get lucky enough to summon three other Celebis. The four of them will then fly over up, around the tree, and then over your head, allowing you a chance at a four-star photo.