League of Legends: New show ‘Arcane’ coming to Netflix

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League of Legends has absolutely paved the way, along with a few other games, for competitive gaming. Esports is massive in the League of Legends gaming community and even after 12 years since the games first released, it remains one of the most played PC games to this day.

Riot Games doesn’t just look at League of Legends as a video game; they look at it as its own universe. There are plenty of characters to play as and each one of those characters has their own background story. The lore runs deep in League of Legends. Now Riot Games is finally ready to expand the universe beyond video games as they look for new ways to tell these characters’ stories.

The new show, Arcane, was first announced in 2019 at League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration. The show was originally supposed to debut sooner, but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, there is a timespan for a release. Arcane will be released this Fall of 2021.

If you are a fan of the League of Legends video game, then this is big news. Getting a TV show made for a video game is not something that comes easy and generally means that the video game has had a lot of impact throughout the community.

Arcane was officially announced with a little teaser trailer about 19 seconds long. However, we do know that the show is going to be set in the utopian Piltover and the underground of Zaun, and will star two League of Legends Champions. Based on the trailer, these two appear to be Vi and Jinx. It should also be expected that we see more League of Legends champions throughout the show. It would only make sense.

As far as what direction the show will go in is yet to be seen. It is hard to get a grasp on a brand new TV show that all we have seen is a 19-second teaser trailer.

As the show gets closer to debuting, expect to get a few more trailers that will give a lot more people insight into what they should expect to see. The only other little bit of insight that has been revealed thus far was at the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration with the release of the initial trailer before the show was delayed.

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If you are a hardcore League of Legends player, this show should be very exciting for you. If you haven’t played a lot of League of Legends or haven’t played it at all, this show may get you to become a fan. It will be interesting to see how successful the show will become and how many episodes the first season will be. Shows on Netflix can grow a big fanbase so it will be interesting to see if this show will follow suit. All in all, expect Arcane to hit the Netflix database sometime this Fall.