5 tips for playing New Pokemon Snap

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New Pokemon Snap
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Guide Pokemon with Flufffruit

When interacting with the Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap the instinct is that you’re only going to be passing through, let’s throw fruit right at them. But with planning and careful aim, you can actually get the Pokemon to go where you want.

This can lead to all sorts of new moments. Distracting them chasing away other Pokemon, getting far off Pokemon to come closer, getting a Lycanroc to wake up a sleeping Tyranitar (hint hint). There’s a crazy amount of things you can trigger with the fruit.

Sometimes you can lay them out like a path (they will go towards the most recently thrown fruit) or sometimes you can throw it directly at the target.

It takes some practice and lord will they do what you want them to do like once in a blue Lunatone but eventually you’ll get the event you want to happen. Eventually.