5 tips for playing New Pokemon Snap

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New Pokemon Snap
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Look behind you

Hey, I know for a first-person, on the rails shooter type game where you’re constantly moving forward, it doesn’t feel right looking behind you. You feel like you’re going to miss something. But that’s what’s rough in this game man, you’re missing stuff if you’re NOT looking behind you too.

Whoever made this game is sneaky.

Like, this game brings back the excellent butterfly Pokemon Vivillion who’s a big thing, other than its awesome eyes, is the fact that its wings have a ton of patterns. For real, there are over 20 different ones. In fact, I’ve had a Poke-ball patterned one sitting in Pokemon Bank waiting for Game Freak to remember the forgotten.

But let’s say you’re still trying to get the Garden Pattern one shown here:

You might see that name “Garden” and think that the massive, gorgeous garden in Florio Nature Park (the first stage) is your safest bet. So close. Do you know that part where you round the corner and get met with the massive sprawling flower field? Let’s fight our instinct for a moment and about-face on those flowers for a moment as we enter.

Yup. This thing hovers behind you and over your head once you enter the garden. It’s super easy to miss but they know that your eyes are going to be drawn outward to the field so that’s when they sneak this kind in there. It happens a lot in the game where crazy things will happen directly behind you.