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New Pokemon Snap
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Mess with the Photo settings

When Nintendo started showing off the new features in Pokemon Snap I was all in until they got to the photo editor. Honestly, as much as I love throwing together a good screenshot I don’t normally put extra stuff on there and I don’t play with filters. It’s nothing personal, I’m just old.

But then I showed my kids and I got really into it and suddenly I threw a couple of stickers on Vespiquen and ended up with this thing that gave me old-school Sailor Moon vibes.

I got weirdly obsessed. I did the thing everyone does and threw some shades on a Bidoof (I know you did too and that’s okay man, the first step is acceptance) but I kept going from there. Then I saw the Shaymin. Shaymin’s a tricky one to find but when I saw it, I wanted to do something with it.

First I went into “re-shoot”. Re-shoot is a horribly underrated tool that allows you to reshoot a photo. You can’t resubmit it to the professor as it would be absolutely game-breaking but if you want to edit it’s your boy. You can zoom in, adjust the focal point, all sorts of stuff.

After that, I applied a faint “cel-shading” filter and went ham with the stickers, next thing I knew I had this thing.

And before you say, “but Eric, you’re 40 and playing with stickers”. Yes. True. But this 40-year-old man will also put stickers on your forehead at your own wake so back up.