Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update full patch notes

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With the sneak peeks having come to an end, we’re now gearing up for the release of the Clash of Clans Spring 2021 update. Presumably, it will be released early this week, most likely on Monday or Tuesday. Ahead of the update, Supercell has shared the official patch notes.

While the sneak peeks provided us with an overview of everything that’s coming in the Spring 2021 update — Town Hall 14, Battle Builders, Hero Pets, etc. — the initial posts left out the specific stat details. We know Town Hall 14 will unlock additional wall pieces and defenses as well as new building/defense, hero and troop levels. But we didn’t know the exact details until now.

Town Hall 14 is obviously the biggest new addition to Clash of Clans as it will come with a Giga Inferno that can be upgraded five levels. However, as previously revealed, the Town Hall now drops a Poison Bomb when it’s destroyed, which deals damage and slows enemy attacks and movement speed. Here are the specifics:

Some changes pertaining to Town Hall 14 include an increase of 100G for Attack and Nexting cost (1200 to 1300), a 50K increase in Gold/Elixir Storage loot cap (550K to 600K), a 500 DE Storage loot cap (4.5K to 5K), a 10K increase of max gold/elixir loot in war (130K to 140K), and 50 increase in max DE loot in war (700 to 750), among other increases as well.

The patch notes also include specific stats for the new Hero Pets. L.A.S.S.I, Electro Owl, Mighty Yak and Unicorn can each be upgraded to a max Level 10, increasing their ability power and hitpoints with each level. As a reminder, each Hero can have one Hero Pet assigned to them at once and you are able to swap out combinations at the Pet House, which is unlocked at Town Hall 14. Speaking of the Pet House, here are the upgrade costs and unlocks for each level.

And here are the key stats for the max level Hero Pets

L.A.S.S.I (Level 10)

  • Upgrade Cost: 235K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 8d
  • DPS: 240
  • HP: 3600

Electro Owl (Level 10)

  • Upgrade Cost: 255K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 8d
  • DPS: 145
  • HP: 2500

Mighty Yak (Level 10)

  • Upgrade Cost: 285K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 8d
  • DPS: 96
  • HP: 5500

Unicorn (Level 10)

  • Upgrade Cost: 290K DE
  • Upgrade Time: 8d
  • DPS: 77
  • HP: 1950

The last major feature coming with the Spring 2021 update is the Battle Builder Hut, an upgraded Builder’s Hut that defends itself with a  weaponized turret and enables the Builder to take an active role in defending your Village by repairing nearby structures. Here are the stats:

While these are the highlights, I suggest visiting the Supercell forums for a more in-depth look at the Spring 2021 patch notes. You can find stats for each of the new building/defense/troop/hero levels, all of the balance and Clan Castle donation changes, bug fixes, and more!