Apple Arcade: 10 great games you need to play right now

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World’s End Club

Developed by Too Kyo Games

World’s End Club is a game made by several of the people who developed the Danganropa games. In the Danganropa games, you’re a bunch of high schoolers who find themselves trapped in some demonic being’s death games where they have to simply survive being murdered horribly.

As World’s End Club starts, you’re a group of kids, albeit much younger than high school, who get knocked out in an accident and find themselves in some underground facility where, again, a demonic being is forcing them all to play a game where only one child will survive and the rest will be melted into organic goo.

All goes according to the creature’s plan until, well, not to spoil it but it fails spectacularly and all the kids escape.

When the kids escape they find themselves all the way on the opposite side of Japan from their homes. To make matters worse, it would appear that everyone else in Japan is dead. Have been for a while. Plants cover buildings and monsters roam the hills.

Taking control of one of the children, you have to lead your class all the way across Japan on foot, occasionally fighting monsters, solving puzzles or just visiting dilapidated landmarks on your quest to return home.

While the game isn’t going to win a lot of awards for its remarkably simple controls, what makes the game fun is how unique it is. The world actually feels desolate and the kids each have strong, diverse personalities which provide unique perspectives to even the most mundane.