Apple Arcade: 10 great games you need to play right now

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What the Golf?

Developed by Triband

On the opposite end of the spectrum is What the Golf? This is a game described on their site as “A game for people who hate golf.” They mean it too, this game absolutely hates golf. A game that starts off as simply as you hitting a ball into a hole quickly turns the first time you sent the golfer flying instead.

Navigating through a bizarre test lab run by scientists who are desperately working to find the secret to making golf interesting you’ll encounter everything from giant king frogs to portals to exploding barrels, all while you hit everything from golf balls to throw rugs at flag poles that may or may not sit still.

Every stage introduces something new from three-dimensional stages that feature you throwing a bowling ball in low gravity on a small planet with low gravity, to two-dimensional stages based on games like Super Mario and Portal, there is genuinely no shortage of variety here.