Apple Arcade: 10 great games you need to play right now

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Developed by Sumo Digital

A fairly nondescript evil organization is threatening to destabilize the planet, causing missile strikes and computer errors. The only thing that can stop them is a bug in their system. Luckily, you’re just the bug for the job.

In Spyder, you take control of a Spyder, an impossibly adorable robotic spider camera blessed with the ability to walk anywhere, lift a surprising amount, and cause a surprising amount of disruption into the day-to-day lives of evil-doers.

After a brief tutorial that literally has you fix a printer job and replace the ink in it allowing you to print out a classified document, you’ll find yourself doing everything from operating computers on the sly to adjusting radio knobs to wiggling around on top of a trackball so you can operate the mouse cursor.

The controls are a little bizarre as looking around requires you to hold down CTRL and move the mouse instead of just…you know…moving the mouse, but when you get past the slightly wonky controls you find your groove fast.

Surprisingly, a creature that can climb walls and ceilings maneuvers really well so once you get the feel for the controls you’ll get anywhere you need to be in no time as you stop crime and collect hidden stickers.