Apple Arcade: 10 great games you need to play right now

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Sayonara Wild Hearts

Developed by Annapurna

I don’t care how many systems Sayonara Wild Hearts gets released for, I will always recommend it. As it’s a game I can play over and over again.

In the game, you play as a woman who had her heartbroken and must come to terms with everything going on in her life. And she deals with the Kübler Ross five stages of grief the same way that Scott Pilgrim deals with exes. In the game, each stage of grief is manifested by a version of herself.

Denial is a biker gang willing to tear the city apart to get away from you, Anger is a massive robotic wolf, Bargaining is a pair of twins that will offer alternate universes trying to throw you off, Depression is a character called the Hermit who’s lost in a video game, and finally, Acceptance is you coming to terms with everything after coming close to death and learning to accept and come to terms with each manifestation of yourself. It’s absolutely brilliant.

The stages themselves offer a ton of different gameplay elements. Skateboarding, shooter mechanics, first and third-person gameplay all set to what is essentially one album. Everything goes beautifully with the music and pulls you in.

The icing on the cake is the entire game is narrated by the legendary Queen Latifah. If you say there’s a better rhythm game, this fact alone makes it wrong.

The game takes about two hours to beat but honestly, I’ve played it probably 40-50 with how many times I’ve torn through this. It’s like a really good album and absolutely shouldn’t be ignored if you haven’t played it yet.