Monster Hunter Rise: 5 weird but awesome secrets you need to know

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The Hidden Mural

Oh, boy was this one a fully sarcastic hoot to get to. In Monster Hunter Rise’s hub world exists the Training Grounds. It’s a very useful place to get the hang of some of the most complicated weapons like the charge ax or the insect glave. It’s honestly also good for getting the hang of some of the weirder things you can do with the guns and bows.

In addition to large mechanical training tools like a fake monster and a target range for your ranged weapons, there are ledges and ropes all over the place to learn mobility which I absolutely recommend you practice with.

Not only because Wirebugs are remarkably useful and can completely change up the mobility of some of the slower weapons, but also because it can help you find one of the bigger secrets in the game.

On the opposite side of the training grounds from where you enter are some waterfalls. There are a couple of ledges nearby that allow you to do some mobility training. But if you look you can see small rock formations you can possibly land on. Patience can get you from one rock to another and get you up the waterfall, as you can see in the video above.

If you didn’t watch the video, here’s what happens. You’ll know you’re at the top of the waterfall when you’re met with a path ahead of you complete with ancient stone lamps with a creek running through it. Follow the creek and you’ll find a waterfall with a really nice rainbow effect. It’s an effect that caught me off guard because, unless I’m missing something, this rainbow effect doesn’t exist anywhere else in the game so it’s really surprising to see such a complex light effect in a remarkably obnoxious to get to the hidden area.

But the main attraction lays at the end of the path. You’ll notice the wall at the end is flat. As you approach you’ll see that it’s a massive mural that’s been eroded over time. I spent forever looking at this mural. While it’s super difficult to make out what’s going on there, you can make out enough details to see a pack of warriors fighting an absolute murder of monsters.

There’s no event triggered from this (which is weird because the merchant would absolutely love to know about this) but it’s interesting to guess why this is here. It could hint at future DLC or just try to explain the history behind this bizarre universe.

It’s a pain in the butt to get to the top but if you like easter eggs, the juice is absolutely worth the squeeze.