Monster Hunter Rise: 5 weird but awesome secrets you need to know

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The Household Informant

In Monster Hunter Rise you have a home just like you have had in previous Monster Hunter games. It’s not as well detailed as Monster Hunter World’s and definitely not as spacious but it does have one feature no other Monster Hunter Households have had.

What if I told you that in this video game, there’s a cat that hides in your walls and tells you its secrets? That’s right! Just like in real life!

Check out this video I made above which shows you how to encounter this cat known as Fukashimi the Informant. For those that don’t wanna watch my video, here’s what to do.

Head into your house and look for the housekeeper. Beyond the housekeeper and on the wall there is a tall tapestry that you can customize as you find other tapestries in the game. Getting close to it will make the name Fukashigi the Informant appear over it with a “Talk” prompt appearing over your character.

Hitting A makes the wall spin revealing an uncomfortably nude cat. I know cats don’t normally wear clothing but any living thing in your house hiding in this pose is uncomfortable and a lack of clothing does not help.

Anyways, Fukashigi will tell you a secret about someone in the hub world. This information changes every time you complete an urgent quest so it’s worth it to duck back over if anything for some world building. And at the least, it’ll air out whatever that cat is doing in the walls of your home.