Monster Hunter Rise: 5 weird but awesome secrets you need to know

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Monster Hunter Rise is a bizarre game by Capcom, a bizarre company. It’s a game that takes place in a universe where people live in small fortresses protecting them from the construction vehicle-sized monsters that roam the landscape. It is a game that, understandable, convinces us that a monster as big as these would talk 15 minutes of beating before going down while, at the same time, asking us to believe that your normal human character can take blasts of lava and electricity non-stop while also, occasionally, getting hit with massive bone spikes the size of a Buick. It is a game universe that expects us to believe that this is how a man laughs.

Seriously, if there was an exposé that revealed Capcom has never had any doors and no one that works there has even met other humans I’d just nod because I think I already knew that.

But one of the cool things about a game that is made by lunatics is that you get a lot of weird hidden stuff all over the place. Things that expand the lore or…just expand the time you spend looking around for weird stuff.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some weird side things from Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch.

The Cohoot Nest

In Monster Hunter World Capcom introduced the idea of flairs. These things allowed you to send a flair in the sky that would send a signal to other players that you wanted help on a mission.

Not Rise though. Monster Hunter Rise wants to work in as many animals as possible (which is surprising for a Monster Hunter game devoid of series of regular pigs the Poogies) and instead of a flair, you now have an adorable owl called a Cohoot.

Your Cohoot can be named, colored, and even made to wear different costumes. Mine looks like a white and bronze clockwork robot owl. I love him.

But where do the owls stay?

To give you an idea, head on over to the Buddy Plaza. You know, that perfectly normal place where you can put a cat in a submarine or tie a dog to a kite and shoot them into the distance to find stuff for you. That place.

I made a quick little video showing you how to get to the nest from the entrance.

If you didn’t wanna watch that, however, here’s how to get there. When you first get to the Buddy Plaza, cut right and head towards the tree with the glowing blue shrine in the trunk. It’s the biggest one there.

Go up to it and then go behind it. Between the tree and the cliffside, there are vines that you can climb. Make your way to the top to find that the tree is very flat on top. To the left, you’ll also see that there’s a lone Cohoot sitting up there near a massive nest. The nest appears to be filled mostly with garbage but walking on that nest lets you loot it.

Now, I’m going to ignore the fact that when you do that it looks like you also take the Cohoot’s eggs which…rude…but it also gives you a bunch of random items and it respawns every time you come back so it’s worth checking out. Just watch your step, it’s really easy to fall. You won’t get hurt but…you know…if you’re trying to make a video for an article that might make you look silly. It’s not like that happened if you didn’t watch the video. Moving on.