Monster Hunter Rise: Five dream crossovers we want to see

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Nintendo seems to only bring around the Metroid franchise for crossovers anymore. While you could play as Samus in Smash Brothers or get her armor in Mario Kart, an actual Metroid game just feels like it’s never going to happen.

And while, yes, I know that they’ve shown a title card for Metroid Prime 4, remember that other games announced around that time were Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokemon Sword and Shield, two games that have been out for over a year now. Games announced way later than Metroid Prime 4 have been announced and released. Even with the fact that there was a massive boom in “Metroidvania” style games, we didn’t get a new Metroid despite that being the perfect time for it.

So that being said, let’s at least give Samus some much-needed love here, yeah? I mean, they’ve done it before.

First off, having Metroid’s armor as an unlock in the game would look wonderful and while it would be out of place, that’s fine. My character in Monster Hunter World has Dante’s coat from Devil May Cry and my Palico is a pixelated Mega Man and we all still lived. Not only that but, like I said in the Mario entry, give me the option to alter the colors too so I can look like I got on that dope bio-suit from Metroid Fusion.

Also, give me a light bowgun that looks like the arm cannon. Give me a heavy bowgun that looks like the arm cannon ready to shoot missiles. It could work!

Pet costumes would be a little trickier for the Palico and Palamute as there aren’t really a lot of options unless you’re going to dress the Palico as Metroid: Other M’s infamous “Remember me?” guy that, ironically you probably had forgotten about.

The one animal it will work for is the Cohoot. Give me the option to change my Cohoot into a Metroid. I’m not kidding. Currently, my Cohoot is a sharp corner having, unsanded wooden robot thing and I still let that pain box nuzzle my face when it’s happy. I will gladly take the gentle squish of a Metroid nuzzling against my face. I can even deal with the training factor, I’m a parent! I’m used to it!