Monster Hunter Rise: Five dream crossovers we want to see

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The Monster Hunter franchise has a long, long history of crossovers with other games. While most of the time it’ll be crossovers with its own, Capcom-owned properties, such as Megaman, Street Figther, Devil May Cry, and even Pheonix Wright, we’ve also seen some amazing cross-overs with properties not owned by Capcom.

For example, when Monster Hunter World was still getting regular updates, there was a really fun event in which they crossed over with Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn to bring you an outfit that not only made your character look exactly like Horizon‘s Aloy, but also gave you her signature bow. You could even replace your Palico buddy with one of the robotic raptors from the game. The amount of work they put into these outfits was stunning.

But now, Monster Hunter Rise is out and is incredible and on the Nintendo Switch. If you’re unfamiliar with Nintendo somehow, first off, welcome to Earth, and secondly, they got a lot of their own franchises to play with. I have five that, specifically, I’d love to see brought into Monster Hunter Rise, however. Let’s just hop right in.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Odyssey
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Oh my god, I know. How basic can I start this off right? But just listen to me and if I’m wrong, heck, my comment section is usually rude anyways so now you’ll have a reason!

Super Mario Brothers can work so well in the Mario universe in so many different ways. Not just for hunter armor and weapons but also for your palicos, palamutes, and, heck, even your cohoot!

For a master class in how to make Mario stuff for your games, look no further than Ubisoft. Not only did Ubisoft make great Mario-themed costumes for their characters in the Switch version of Rayman Legends, but they also produced the woefully underrated game Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

In that game, the Rabbids invade the Mario universe and, after equipping the characters with uncharacteristic weapons like guns, rifles, drones and bombs and giving everything an X-Com style gameplay style, we were also given a treasure trove of weapons designed to still by Mario esque. Large Hammers that looked like Bulletbills, Pistols that looked like Mario Pipes, you can do so much with it.

Not only that but imagine how great your Palico is going to look dressed up like Toad. Wouldn’t be hard to do and it would work so well. You can even give the Palamute armor that’s Yoshi-themed since you ride the poor pup around anyway. Also, if I could have a Cohoot that looks like a Luma

You could even have armor for your hunter that’s Mario-inspired, give us the option to customize it so my hammer-wielding hunter can look like Waluigi and I’d be in heaven. And giant mustaches would not be out of place in the bizarre universe either.

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All I need from there is a hammer that looks like a fireflower or a bowgun that looks like F.L.U.D.D. and even sits on your back when put away like the F.L.U.D.D. backpack and we’re set.