Nintendo Switch: 5 awesome, family-friendly games coming in 2021

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Garden Story

Developed by Picogram
Releases: Later 2021

The first thing I’m going to say, especially to those who have already played this game on Steam, is that yes, I know that this game is not for all kids. This one is easily the most advanced game on this list so we’re probably talking about kids closer to 10ish as this game can be a little complex.

You play as Concord, a young grape on an island filled with mostly sentient fruit people that look like random citizens of the world of Adventure Time. You’re tasked with defending the island against a force called The Rot which is threatening the island’s peaceful existence.

One of the things that make this game a good one for families, other than the cute art style, is the social simulation aspect of the game. In addition to battling the Rot, your actions and interactions can help inspire the other residents of the island to take up your cause and help you either in battle or through other means.

In addition to adventuring, you’ll also find yourself crafting, mining, cultivating gardens, gathering things for the library and completing quests for residents. Over time you help improve the quality of life for all residents on the island and come to experience a strong sense of community that comes with coming together for the common good.